Feeling tight? Not as flexible as you used to be?  Not moving as fluid as you expect?  The CrossFit Burke Yoga is the right program for you!  

Our yoga program focuses on the total you: mind, body and soul.  Learning how to breathe correctly creates synergy throughout your whole body.  Your mind learns how to focus in the moment.  Your body is asked to relax and move in different positions than its usual, habitual patterns in day-to-day life.

Yoga is the perfect complement for CrossFit.  In both, athletes learn proper breathing, body alignment, and focus. In CrossFit, both energy and movement are high and fast; with yoga, energy and movement are slower and more calm, but can be just as intense in improving mobility.  

Among the benefits of Yoga are:

  • improved general mobility and flexibility;
  • improved focus;
  • improved breathing efficiency and capacity;
  • improved balance, alignment, and body positioning; and
  • relaxation!

Yoga Commitment

Month-to-Month Commitment: $34 a month

Drop In: $18 a visit


With all of the demands we make of our bodies daily and weekly, we need an outlet and a different way to recover. Do your mind and body a favor, and join us for Yoga at CrossFit Burke.