You’ve decided you want to make a change and invest in your health, fitness and wellness. Congratulations! That’s a big step.


1. Schedule Your Complimentary Consult and Intro Class

It’s really easy to get started. No matter your fitness level or background, all that is absolutely necessary to start training is an open mind and a commitment to the program.

You’ve already taken some time to read what we are about. We’ve explained how our program can produce remarkable results and is tailored to suit all fitness levels. Maybe you’re just not sure you believe it, or not sure you will “fit in” once you get to our gym. That’s perfectly understandable, and you are not the only one who has felt that way.

You can do the free one hour class alone or with a friend. During this time we’ll get to know you (your story, background, goals and any pertinent issues/limitations) as well as provide you with with the full CrossFit Burke class experience. This enables us to understand your level of development and needs so that we can give you the kind of training that YOU need.

If you don’t like it, all it cost you was 60 minutes of your time and at the very least, you will get a great workout. However, if you don’t try it, you could be missing an opportunity that could be life changing. Please use the form below to get started today.

If you have a significant other or someone who will be an important part of the decision process WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THEM TO ATTEND THE INTRO CLASS WITH YOU. This will enable us to inform all of the principal decision makers in your family on what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.



2. Once you complete your Free Intro Class, the next step is to get signed up for our Thirty Day On Ramp Program!

This is where you learn all of the foundational movements of CrossFit, build a trusting relationship with your coach, and get set up for fitness success!


3. Select your Program or Service and WELCOME TO OUR FITNESS COMMUNITY!

Once you have selected your Program or Service, you are now ready to jump in and get into the best shape of your life with the CrossFit Burke Community!

During your Initial Consult and Intro Class and Thirty Day On Ramp we will help you choose what Program or Service that is best for you.


Click HERE to schedule your Initial Consult and Intro Class!