Todd Tolosa

Head Coach/Strongman Program Lead
Todd Tolosa


  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • FMS Level 2
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) 2012
  • CPR/AED/First Aid


  • B.S. Exercise Science, George Mason University


I’ve had an interest in physical fitness and competitive psychology since I was 14 years old, and have experience as a competitive football player, boxer, powerlifter, wrestler, olympic weightlifter, Strongman, and traceur. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 16 years, and have experience working with many different populations. I also have experience working in various service industries, and recognize that each of my athletes expect different things out of their training experience. I’ve worked as a trainer for Fairfax County Park Authority, in various corporate wellness settings, and I’ve also worked with high level athletes and stunt men. In 2012 I earned a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and an Exercise Science degree from George Mason University with a minor in chemistry. After graduating I spent a year honing my eye for detail while working in an injury prevention lab as a contractor for the Department of Defense, where I received an FMS Level 2 certification. I was able to screen and work with over one thousand active military service members during my time at the lab. Since then I’ve found my true passion in applying everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) as a coach in a number of capacities, and have come to appreciate the CrossFit gym environment as one that provides for continuing progress and support.  I earned my CF-Level 2 at CrossFit Burke and have the L3 cert in my sights!

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