Looking to join a community of health-minded people who are committed to improving their fitness? Want to be part of a program that embraces your current abilities and challenges you to be a better of version of yourself?

If you answered yes to either question, our CrossFit program is the program for you!

Our classes have athletes of all ability levels! Members of the military, stay-at-home parents, middle and high school kids, corporate executives, and everyone in between come together to make CrossFit Burke their place for fitness and friendship!

Our thoughtful, progressive approach to programming workouts and empathetic coaching creates an environment where each athlete feels empowered. We respect each athlete’s place on his or her fitness journey, and celebrate the milestones they achieve along the way.

Let your journey begin!


Personal Training

Do you want more individual attention to reach your fitness goals? Are you interested in having someone help hold you accountable for working toward your goals? Do you appreciate a supportive voice who has your best interest at heart? CrossFit Burke’s personal training option can help!

One of our great coaches will take you through a thorough assessment of where you are on your fitness journey. Then the coach will build a personalized training program for you around your abilities, goals, and priorities. In individual sessions scheduled at your convenience, your coach will work you through your programming, teaching and motivating you along the way.

We build lasting, trusting relationships through thoughtful and empathetic coaching! This is the bedrock for our athletes success!

No mountain is too high, no obstacle too big, no water too deep! YOU have a support team at CrossFit Burke! Let your journey begin!


CrossFit Kids

We make exercise fun! Our CrossFit Kids program teaches great movement patterns for exercises like squats, sit-ups, and push-ups through creative play and games.

Kids of different ages have different needs and abilities. So we offer one CrossFit Kids class for kids ages 3 to 6 years old and one class for kids ages 7 to 10 years old. Even within each age group, we meet each kid’s particular athletic needs in a fun, safe environment. All Kids classes are led by our outstanding coaches, Kimberly and Alex, each of whom have specialized certifications for training kids.

Schedule your kid’s Complimentary Consult and Intro Class and let the fun begin!


CrossFit Teens

CrossFit is a great way for athletes in middle school and high school to get into better shape, whether for the sports they play or just for the fun of it!

We know that younger athletes have their own sets of needs and abilities that are different from the adult population. We have one of the largest and most successful young athlete programs in the area because we do not measure “success” by how much weight an athlete can lift or how fast she runs, but how well she moves and the fun she has while training!

We have a dedicated class for our young athletes to ensure they feel comfortable and free to express their athletic side! We believe in creating a space and time where they can build camaraderie, sportsmanship, and respect among themselves.

Our coaches have certifications in training young athletes. They lead classes with young athletes by being empathetic and knowledgeable — and they know how to make exercise fun!

Schedule your young athlete’s Complimentary Consult and Intro Class and watch his or her athletic potential become reality!

service parties

Parties and Events

Looking to add a bounce house, a little fitness and maybe a few obstacles into your birthday party or event?

Want your kids to have a memorable birthday with our bounce house and obstacle course?  Or bring your sports team together for a little bonding and camaraderie? Trying to develop leadership and teamwork within your company or employees? Heck, want to hang out with your friends and have a great time exercising? You can do all of these things and more at CrossFit Burke!

We host parties for birthday’s, corporations and small businesses, sports teams, bachelor and bachelorette parties, fraternity and sorority events, who want to have an active and fun party filled with exercise and challenges!

Our parties and events are tailored to meet the requirements and needs of your group. If you want to take your event to the next level, contact us!

FemStrong Boot Camp

Looking for a class just for you?!  Looking to be surrounded by women who believe in you? Looking to get into the best shape of your life?

If you answered YES!  CrossFit Burke’s FemStrong Boot Camp is for you!  Come in, try us out, and start your fitness journey with our supportive coaches and great community!

Start with us and get into the best shape of your life!

FemStrong Boot Camp is every Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 11am-12pm!



Feeling tight? Not as flexible as you used to be?  Not moving as fluid as you expect?  CrossFit Burke Yoga is the right program for you!  Our yoga program focuses on the total you: mind, body and soul.  Learning how to breathe correctly creates synergy throughout your whole body.  Your mind learns how to focus in the moment.  Your body is asked to relax and move in different positions than its usual, habitual patterns in day-to-day life.

Yoga is the perfect complement for CrossFit.  In both, athletes learn proper breathing, body alignment, and focus. In CrossFit, both energy and movement are high and fast; with yoga, energy and movement are slower and more calm, but can be just as intense in improving mobility.  

Among the benefits of Yoga are:

  • improved general mobility and flexibility;
  • improved focus;
  • improved breathing efficiency and capacity;
  • improved balance, alignment, and body positioning; and
  • relaxation!

With all of the demands we make of our bodies daily and weekly, we need an outlet and a different way to recover. Do your mind and body a favor, and join us for Yoga at CrossFit Burke.



Looking for a different and challenging way to get into shape by lifting odd objects like axles, stones, and yokes?  Looking to express your athleticism by throwing hammers and running with logs? Awesome!  The CrossFit Burke Strongman program is for you!

In the CFB Strongman program, athletes will build a solid foundation for lifting heavy things using techniques that maintain a safe body position. This allows athletes to consistently build strength using different modalities like  stones, yokes, logs, and other objects and   movements common to powerlifting, strongman, CrossFit Total. If athletes choose, they can work with coach Todd Tolosa to build to peak strength for a competition.

Challenge yourself! Surprise yourself with what you can do! Join the the strongest group of athletes around at the CrossFit Burke Strongman Club!

Schedule your Complimentary Consult and Intro Class and let the Strength begin!


Individual Programming

Athletes of all levels need an extra push to get them over the finish line and to accomplish their goals!  If you need an extra push and need a coach to design workouts specifically for you and your goals, CrossFit Burke’s Individual Program Design is for you!

With Individual Program Design, a coach  works with an individual athlete to design workouts for that athlete to achieve a specific goal.  Coach and athlete will collaborate monthly, in person, and  weekly, by email, about the programming and the athlete’s progress toward success.  The athlete can do the workouts  at CrossFit Burke or at another gym of the athlete’s choice.

Let a pro help you reach your goals!

Schedule your Complimentary Program Design Consult and begin reaching for your goals!!


Barbell Club

Summon your inner Olympian at the CrossFit Burke Barbell Club! Learning the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk is only half the fun at Barbell Club.

Our specialty coaches have developed an Olympic Lifting program (including one-on-one instruction and accessory work) that is great for both beginners and experienced athletes. They  ensure that all athletes have proper technique, form, and mobility.

Olympic Weightlifting is fun!  Try it out and be Olympic!

Schedule your Complimentary Consult and Barbell Intro Class and let the fun begin!


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a vital component to overall health!  Everyone, not just athletes, need a nutrition program built for them!  CrossFit Burke’s Nutrition Program led by Jen Murata is a holistic, person first nutrition program that will meet your nutrition needs and set you up for success for years to come!