CrossFit Burke uses a simple, effective, and logical building block approach for training each athlete. This approach places the athlete in the appropriate Training Level using our Intro Class and Coaching Method that ensures athletic results regardless of ability level.

The CrossFit Burke Intro Class

The CrossFit Burke Intro Class places each athlete into three groups. The Levels are:

Level One: Beginner: This is for our true beginners. No real strength and conditioning experience and athletes who need to reestablish their old athletic talents.

Level Two: Intermediate: This Level athlete has some strength and conditioning experience, loves exercise, and wants to get in better shape without making it a full time job. Most people end up here.

Level Three: Advanced: This Level athlete is an exceptional CrossFitter in all measures of performance. They compete in CrossFit and other multi-modal competitions and puts in the time to make this happen.

Coaching Method

First, we train athletes to focus on correct body position for each exercise and movement performed. An athlete with proper body position will perform better in every exercise and movement attempted.

Second, we coach proper form. Proper form is paramount to exercising effectively and safely. Without proper form, lifting heavy weights, doing push-ups, and even running can be unsafe, burdensome, and inefficient. Proper form decreases the chance of injury.

Third, once an athlete has proper body position and form, we train for full range of motion on each exercise. With full range of motion, the athlete will perform the exercise freely and correctly, and will work to his or her fullest capacity.

Fourth, intensity and weight are added once the above attributes have been attained.
CrossFit Burke is dedicated to this training method because it is easy to understand and follow and, most importantly, it gets results.