Program Design and Remote Coaching

Athletes of all levels need an extra push to get them over the finish line and to accomplish their goals!  If you need an extra push and need a coach to design workouts specifically for you and your goals, CrossFit Burke’s Program Design and Remote Coaching is for you!

With Program Design and Remote Coaching, a coach  works with an individual athlete to design workouts for that athlete to achieve a specific goal.  Coach and athlete will collaborate monthly, in person, and  weekly, by email, about the programming and the athlete’s progress toward success.  The athlete can do the workouts  at CrossFit Burke or at another gym of the athlete’s choice.

Let a pro help you reach your goals!

Program Design and Remote Coaching Commitments:

Six-month Commitment: $150.00 a month for Remote Coaching

Six-month Commitment: $275.00 a month for On-Site Program Design 


Schedule your Complimentary Program Design and Remote Coaching Consult and begin reaching for your goals!!