CrossFit Burke measures value by our highly educated and professional coaching staff. Our Head Coaches have degrees in exercise science, kinesiology, nutrition, multiple top level personal training certifications, and continuing education seminars.  We use our education and experience with empathetic leadership and regard for all of our athletes.

CrossFit Burke measures value in partnering up with higher learning institutions and bringing the best and brightest young kinesiology students and train them to be the future of exercise science. The George Mason Kinesiology Department sends their best and brightest students to CrossFit Burke to learn the art and apply the science to their coaching education.

CrossFit Burke measures value in providing a first class facility that meets all strength and conditioning demands.

CrossFit Burke measures value in our community. Our community is an inclusive, welcoming one. Regardless of your fitness and ability level you will find your place here.

It’s important that you find a facility that’s right for you. This can’t be done on the phone or the internet. If you intend to join a gym either here or at another facility, here are a few good questions to ask at your consultation that can help you glean some additional information above and beyond price:

  1. What is your average class size?
  2. Do your coaches have degrees in exercise science, kinesiology, nutrition, or other exercise based degrees?
  3. Do your coaches have nationally accredited certifications aside from the CrossFit Level 1 weekend certification?
  4. What kind of individual assessment do you do on the front end to understand where I am at and how best to design and approach my training moving forward?
  5. How will training sessions in the group be modified/structured for my abilities and goals aside from “I should just go lighter”?
  6. Do you provide support and education around nutrition and lifestyle beyond telling me to read a book or putting me on a diet?

We understand price is important. We hope the value of the experience is more important than the lowest price. We are not the cheapest gym in town. We are the best.
We offer a high level of expertise and professionalism. We did not become the best in the area by having low standards. Nor should you!

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