Corporate Fitness Services

With an experienced coaching staff and proven CrossFit fitness regimen, CrossFit Burke can help increase your employees’ overall fitness levels and build workplace camaraderie through its group-based workouts. A healthier workforce means increased productivity, higher energy levels and reduced absenteeism. Our workouts are fast-paced and intense, but are always fun and tailored to each employee’s needs, wherever they are in their fitness journey.

CFB’s corporate program is about more than just getting your employees in great shape.
It also ensures that your employees will be able to perform functional movements to make your workplace run more smoothly. By training with us, your employees will be able to safely and easily pick a box of documents off the ground, place their carry-on luggage overhead on their next business trip, or do a handstand outside their office, because you never know what tomorrow brings.

CrossFit is renowned for building a strong sense of community amongst its athletes. Not only do people achieve a sense of pride in their own ability, but they come to know and support each other’s successes and challenges. Nothing team-builds quite like the ever-changing, unique challenges presented by a CrossFit workout.
Our coaches’ objective is to help your employees reach their fitness goals, in a safe and supportive way. The CFB coaches have trained hundreds of new and experienced athletes, and will spend the time to make sure that each participant knows how to safely perform each movement before asking them to add intensity to a workout. Preventing injuries is the foundation of corporate wellness.

We are excited to tailor a program to the needs of your company and employees. Scroll below to learn more about our services, our philosophy, and our team.

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