A while ago I wrote an article on having fun with training as well as having fun. I have been asked a lot of questions over the past couple of months on why I love training and the reasons for it. My same article from a while ago with lots of things added is below. […]

  I know, I know, this is one of many posts on programming, BUT. It’s a different post about programming. I think we’ve done an awesome job of answering the “why.” Now, I want to answer the “how.” Buckle in, this is going to get a little science-y! Clarifying the training intent of a workout […]

We have heard it before; CrossFit is about community. So for today’s post I encourage you to make use of your fit friends (or make a new one) and do the partner stretches shown below.   The first is the T-spine stretch. Start in a dead hang from the bar. Have your partner place his […]

In today’s blog post, our Nutrition Coach Jennifer, is sharing one of her family’s favorite weeknight meals. It a simple high-protein meal that’s tasty, easy to prepare, and just happens to use some of the meat from our local farmers, J&L Green Farms. To see Jennifer’s Potato Chorizo Frittata, continue reading on her blog.  

More kids than ever are spending the majority of their time lost in a screen, not only are they depriving themselves of social interaction but their bodies are footing the bill.  Recently, I heard there are significant injury rates amongst young adults because their bones could not handle the stress of training.  When you hear […]