“Wow— Jamie is amazing!!  I was worried about starting Crossfit since I had so many friends that were injured doing Crossfit.  I have some neck/back issues that I discussed with Jamie over the phone.  I came in the next day and did a trial class.  He is the best trainer I have ever worked with.  He is incredibly safe and was constantly checking my form.  LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Crossift Burke and Jamie!!  I am planning on joining as soon as we get back from vacation!  Thank you CrossFit Burke for making me feel so welcome.” Julie S.

“I thought I was done. I thought that in my mid forties, I’d have to accept a little thicker middle and a few more aches and pains.

Now I wasn’t in horrible shape (so I thought) as I’d been a consistent runner for several years (slow, but steady). A couple half marathons every year and even a full marathon in 2010 and 2012. Kept me active. Little did I know how stunted my mobility was…and how far I could go.

I joined CFB in January after talking with another member who sold me on the coaches and programming. My wife and  I had been looking for something new and this seemed like it was worth a shot. We went to the intro class and after the tour and instruction by the coaches, we promptly got our butts kicked in the best way! Even though we scaled down nearly every exercise (maybe all), we were sold and have been members ever since-

Now six months later, I go 4-5 days a week. My race time has gone down more than a minute per mile (with no additional training runs), and I’ve dropped around 25lbs. I still scale some of the exercises, but not nearly as many, as much or as often. I feel strong and have muscle gains I thought were a thing of the past. I even have abs trying to surface.

Jamie, Stephanie, and Jack have done an awesome job coaching me through the movements and getting me more mobile. There’s an accountability and community at CFB you simply can’t find at a fast-food style gym. Give it a try and change your life.”  Brian E. IT Professional


“My wife and I joined CrossFit Burke in January.  We are in our 40s and in a past life as a gymnast in the 1980s (or back in the 1900’s, as our 11 year old daughter likes to say), my wife sustained some injuries that have come back to haunt her.  When we joined, she had difficulty going up stairs (knees), lifting anything over her head (shoulders), picking up any weight (old blown lumbar disk) and running (all of the above).  After 6 months, with excellent coaching and scaled down workouts for her, my wife says the Crossfit Burke team (Jamie, Stephanie and Jack) has put Humpty back together.  She can do overhead barbell work, squats with weight on the shoulders, bench presses and even running, all of which were unthinkable in December.  Whatever your fitness level, of lack thereof, give this a try.  Great gym, great coaches, no meatheads.  It will be the best money you have ever spent.” Bill D. Lawyer

“I started at CFB six months ago, shortly after they first opened, and I figure its been long enough that I can give an honest opinion….its the best thing I ever did for myself.

I looked at CrossFit for a couple of years but truth be told I was worried that it wouldn’t be for me, I thought that it was expensive, and there wasn’t a place that was truly convenient.  I’d read horror stories and seen videos about crazy, unsafe exercises and gyms full of meat-heads being dangerous with their workouts.  I’m in my 30s and looking to get in shape, not irreparably damage my body.  So I went to Gold’s.  After several months of getting nowhere by myself I decided to get a personal trainer for a few weeks at $75 an hour (if your lucky); and I had thought Crossfit was expensive!  For those few weeks I had some great workouts, and learned a few new moves/ideas to incorporate on my own, but the cost was getting to be too much, so I ventured on my fitness journey alone.  It can be tough.  Even on the days I made it to the gym, I often didn’t have the motivation to do much.  And if I had the motivation I was often worried I didn’t know what I was doing.  But I keep moving on.

All that while I had Crossfit in the back of my mind.  Seeing people who do Crossfit, and their level of fitness, there has to be something to it right?  So I sat down at my computer last December and again researched Crossfit.  That’s when I found CFB.  It’s right on my commute so it couldn’t be more convenient, and the pictures I saw made it look nicer than most of the other Crossfit gym’s I’d seen online.  One concern solved without even trying.  So i decided to give the one free class a try.  I immediately knew I loved it, but was still a little skeptical.  Even so, I decided to give it a try since doing this on my own wasn’t working.  I knew within the first week that I had found the perfect thing for myself.  The environment is safe and the gym is filled with regular people like me, all just trying to get into better shape.  The best part is that you don’t need anything more than the motivation to show up, everything else will be provided.  The workouts are intense, but last no more than an hour.  The coaches will guide you through everything, and teach you every movement needed to get through the workout.  Its like having a personal training session with a group of you friends.  Once I realized that, I knew that the cost was worth it.  The coaches are all excellent and they’re all willing to share everything they know with each and every student.  They’ve helped me grow my abilities in the gym and I’ll be forever grateful.

So here I sit, six months after starting.  I go (nearly) every day and I still love it, more even than when I started.  I’m stronger, faster, and certainly healthier.  I’ve increased all of my maximums on all of the lifts, some by more than double.  I’ve lost 25 pounds without even trying.  And I know I’m on my way to being in great shape one day soon.” Larry M. Federal Government Executive


“Professional motivation.  That is how I would describe the staff and programming at CrossFit Burke .  Jamie Gallagher is the owner and my trainer.  He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and positive approach has improved my overall fitness level while obviating injuries or muscle strains that plagued my weightlifting routine in the past.  Under Jamie’s advice and direction, I have strengthened my core, improved my flexibility as well as technique and form while completing a variety of high intensity functional exercises and movements. If you want meaningful results in a safe and positive-but motivating-environment, Jamie and the CrossFit Burke staff is the only place to go”  Darrel C. United States Marine Corps Officer

“I’ve been to numerous CrossFit gyms over the past 4 years and CrossFit Burke is one of a kind.  Excellent coaching and an amazing facility.  I highly recommend CrossFit Burke to anyone in the area.” Anne B. Executive

“In truth I’d rather not post a positive review because frankly I want to keep CFB a  secret, but that would be an injustice to Jamie the owner.  I had heard about crossfit for almost a year and was flirting with whether it was right for me. From the outside crossfit looked a little intimidating and bit expensive.  Then I learned about CFB – just 5 minutes from my home.  I called and Jamie quickly called back and invited me to the intro class.  After just the intro class I knew CFB was right for me. The intro class kicked my butt and I loved it.  Jamie and his staff are simply great.  He and the coaches are welcoming and friendly, but most importantly they are experts and really take the time to teach proper form and technique every class every time. Don’t let the crossfit lingo intimidate you – it’s an awesome workout with a great group of people. A word of caution, if you just want to a place to workout and do bicep curls and do your own thing and not listen and not be coached, this not the right place for you – go to Gold’s. For me, the community feeling and encouragement we provide each other keeps me motivated and wanting to come back day after day.  Does crossfit work? You bet – my results – 3 months ago when I started I could back squat 150lbs and today I hit a personal record of 300lbs. I’ve lost inches around the waist and gained a ton of core strength.  Some days you may absolutely dread the workout of the day (WOD), but somehow you get through it and say wow, “I did that – awesome”.  Thanks Jamie, Jack, and Bobby for making CFB awesome. Keep up the great work.” David H. Corporate Executive

“The highlight of my day is going to Crossfit Burke!!! The coaches are experienced, informative, and very helpful. There is just a great positive atmosphere. The best part is that my wife and I live across the street! I may never move. Im addicted to Crossfit Burke!!!” Ben M. Graphic Artist

“For over fifteen years I have worked out doing yoga for flexibility, running for endurance, and weights for strength.  Hours and hours per week, but I was not seeing or experiencing “results”, something I require to stay motivated.   One workout session with Jamie at CrossFit Burke and I “experienced” results.  Continuing the workouts, my strength, flexibility, and endurance improved dramatically as I worked muscles neglected for years.  The challenge and motivation provided kept me on track, and I was able to compress hours of working out into minutes.  This is a program that can easily fit into my schedule and last a lifetime.”  Riia H. Government Executive

“Just started at CrossFit Burke.  I’ve heard many folks rave about CrossFit and finally gave in and tried it.  So far I am really enjoying CrossFit Burke.  Jamie and his staff do a great job of working with people of all ability levels.  I’m not in super shape, but I feel welcome and encouraged to improve.  The facility is clean, bright and convenient for Burke residents.  The hours of the classes are great for accommodating the hectic schedules many keep in northern Virginia.  CrossFit Burke is definitely worth at least the trial class.  Jamie and staff will work with where you are, and never make you feel bad about not being in top form.  Try it, you’ll like it!” Christen R. School Teacher

“I’ve worked out with Jamie for some time and am always impressed by his attention to detail, and most importantly, his passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.  I trust him so much that I even referred one of my soldiers to him who needed help.  Jamie brings personal attention and a vast knowledge of the fitness industry to the table.  He can help you get to where you want to go. Good luck!  You can’t go wrong with CrossFit Burke!”  Bill P. Alexandria, VA

“This is a top level workout environment with highly motivated coaches and athletes. It will benefit anyone who is striving to improve their athletic performance!” Rick R. Doctor

“Convenient location, great class times, and very competent staff make this a “keeper” for the Burke community.  Join and you’ll gain knowledge, fitness, and friendships. And you’ll have fun.  I love the Saturday group workouts, pairing up with someone you might not know, and making it work as a team!   I’ve done crossfit for 4+ years and find CFB’s daily programming to be very thoughtful, well put together, and beneficial, much better than the 3 other “boxes” I’ve belonged to.  The stretching, warmup, WOD, and cool down all come together and make sense.   The facility is new and top notch.  I’ve also started taking their “mobility” session, a solid hour of focused stretching aka “mobility”, and working out muscle tightness.  All of the above is included in the monthly fee.  Go for it!” Paul H. Corporate Executive

“I was practicing bikram yoga 4 days a week when I had the opportunity to be coached by Jamie. Wow! His workout left me winded and sore in what I’ll refer to as secret muscles throughout my glutes and my chest. Throughout the workout, he offered corrections on my technique, provided tips for someone with my petite frame, and showered me with positive energy when I fell behind. Jamie identified weak spots in my overall fitness level, and he’ll even help you out with your diet if you’re willing to listen. It was an excellent experience overall and I’m confident all of Jamie’s clients (I refer to myself as his student) will be equally satisfied!”  Allyson Q. Washington, D.C.

“I started Jamie’s class in October of 2011.  Before that I worked out a fair amount, but I wasn’t seeing the forward progress I wanted.  Adding boot camp to the mix has made a HUGE difference in every aspect of my daily life.  I am measurably stronger, my endurance is higher, and I have a lot more energy.  Jamie is a phenomenal trainer.  He is very concerned about his students’ overall health and safety, and although his workouts are rigorous he encourages — and often requires — modifications to reflect each student’s needs.  He’s firm but fun, and every workout is different.  There’s no room for boredom in Jamie’s class!”  Julie M. Alexandria, VA

“For about three months I’ve been attending the early morning classes.  It’s been a very rewarding experience and surprisingly, not hard to get up and go.  The workouts are varied and Jamie keeps things going because he’s always so well prepared.  I’ve noticed results with some weight loss and have benefited from more muscle.  Recently while hiking a mountain, I beat my husband to the top.  It wasn’t intentional and felt almost effortless.  I think the easy climbing came from stronger legs as a result of all the squats during class.”  Marisa M. Washington, D.C.

“I have been going to CrossFit Burke for about a month now.  So far so good, I am very impressed with the gym and staff.  Great environment to workout, learn how to perform various movements correctly, and get motivated and encouraged by fellow Crossfitters.  I am new to CrossFit but so far I like it, thanks to great coaching by Jamie G. and fun and challenging workouts.” Yevgeniy, Military

“I can’t really speak for CrossFit Burke, per se, but I can comment on the commitment of the owner, Jamie. He is one of the rare trainers that has it all: the knowledge, commitment, passion, and ability to relate to others. On top of all this, there is a contagious enthusiasm that really spoke to me when I was in the worst shape of my life and needed the extra boost to cart myself back to the gym.”  Jennifer W. Bowie, Maryland

“Jamie has led my workouts since 2007, when we were both Marines stationed on Okinawa.  He knows his stuff and and he knows how to tailor the workouts to fit your fitness needs.  The difference between Jamie’s personal attention and the traditional gym’s classes is huge.  Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”  Jason S. Bethesda, Maryland