CrossFit Burke is an inclusive, community-focused gym.

We provide exceptional coaching, programming, and training that is only exceeded by our desire to provide a place where fitness-minded people can workout, share ideas, meet new friends, and use CrossFit Burke as the hub for their fitness endeavors. You will often find our members spending time with each other outside of the gym; it is a support group that is like
no other. There are group events such as Family Day, Paleo Challenges, Holiday Parties, and fundraisers that give our members a chance to come together as a community. CrossFit Burke has an inclusive and humble atmosphere where all are welcome. A community of people that actually know each other.

We Bring an Individual Approach to Group Training.

CrossFit Burke has developed a group training program that allows for Individualized Training in a group class. During your Intro Class, our professional coaching staff evaluates you
to determine where you are in your fitness journey and places you into a Training Tier One through Three. One being for the most Basic Beginner Athlete to Three being for the High Level Performance Athlete. Training at the correct Training Tier ensures a logical and thoughtful progression in your fitness program and significantly mitigates the chance for injury. Your workout will be similar in overall scope and uniquely different experience to the other athletes in your class.

Premier CrossFit and Strength and Conditioning Facility

CrossFit Burke is the premier CrossFit gym in Fairfax County. Our 7,500 square foot, temperature controlled facility has all of the training equipment a gym needs to include a twenty-four foot Rogue Rig, four- thirty foot climbing ropes, 6,000 pounds of weights, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, two sets of Olympic lifting platforms and jerk blocks and enough room to run in. We have a comfortable lounge and check-in area for you and your kids to hang out in before and after class. Our first-class facility has our first-class members in mind in every way.

Our coaches have Degrees in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Nutrition, top-notch nationally accredited personal training certifications and multiple CrossFit certifications.

Training is in our blood and continuing education and enrichment feeds our souls. You trust us with your fitness and we are honored (and feel an obligation) to be knowledgeable, trustworthy, and empathetic. Our coaching emphasis is on high level of coaching and technical instruction. Unlike many facilities, our education and experience goes far beyond a weekend certification. We take the time to get to know you so that we can consider your goals and unique life situation and then deliver the highest level of service.
Thank you for checking out CrossFit Burke. We will be seeing you inside!